Three internal secrets to help you keep your engagement ring radiant

How can you be sure that the engagement ring will not lose its luster? Fortunately, this is not difficult! Here are three simple ways to ensure that your diamond ring will never lose its sparkle and brilliance.

1) Don’t Touch The Diamonds

Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkly

You will be surprised how much the slightest film affects the brilliance and color of the stone. A thin film composed of lotion, powder, cosmetics, soap, hair spray, and all daily necessities will work overtime and darken the diamond’s brilliance. It is inherently inevitable, which is why it is so essential to clean the ring regularly. However, there are steps you can take to prevent/minimize greasy deposits and dull shiny stones.

Women often encounter stones on the ring when wearing and wearing the ring. Do your best not to do this. Instead, take the habit of wrapping your fingers (the handle of the ring) or with metal parts when you get into the grasp and close your ring. Doing this instead of touching the stone can prevent grease from accumulating on the stone is surface, thereby significantly reducing the brilliance and sparks of the stone.

2) Clean the ring at home (once a week)

Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkly

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to clean an engagement ring-in fact; you can easily clean it at home! You only need 10 minutes and some everyday household items: (1) water, (2) soapy water, (3) small bowl, (4) toothbrush (or eyebrow brush), and (5) paper towel or soft cloth.

How often should you clean? It depends on you, how important it is to you to keep your diamonds beautiful and brilliant. Generally, it would help if you tried to do it at least once a week. The good thing is cleaning your ring could not be any easier. Who doesn’t have ten minutes to buy their favorite accessories?

3) Professionally clean your ring

Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkly

To keep the diamond in its best condition, take the engagement ring to a local jeweler for steam cleaning, or if it’s not right, you can use ultrasonic and polishing equipment for deep cleaning. It will enhance not only the brilliance of your diamond but also an opportunity for maintenance inspections.

Just like we all need to go to the doctor regularly, and our car needs routine maintenance, your ring will benefit from professional inspections several times a year. Many jewelers can let you clean the ring at any time, and automatically perform maintenance checks before cleaning.

Brides often ignore this general engagement ring maintenance technique, but the professional cleaning once every six months can keep the diamond sparkling and prevent other damage!

About Diamonds

The Value of Your Diamond Ring

7 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Diamonds 

About Diamonds If you’re interested in diamonds, you probably recognize that those high-quality stones are made up of compressed carbon. Also, you probably understand that they’re April’s birthstone. You may also realize that diamonds are the hardest of all materials and that most effective a diamond is difficult sufficient to reduce or scratch any other diamond. You may also know some cool facts approximately the Hope diamond – as an example. You’re in all likelihood well aware of its particular records and its “curse.” Ready to examine greater? Here are every other 10 statistics about diamonds. 

1. Most Diamonds Form More Than 100 Kilometers Below The Earth’s Surface 

About Diamonds

Bright, sparkling diamonds – excellent stones with the capability to disperse mild in the maximum awesome way imaginable – shape in whole darkness, deep underground. Almost all natural diamonds are fashioned at depths between a hundred and forty and one hundred ninety kilometers (that’s 87 to 118 miles) underground, within the planet’s lithospheric mantle layer. When magma from deep volcanic eruptions makes its manner towards the Earth’s floor, it sometimes consists of diamonds with it. These diamonds are hidden inner igneous rocks that shape when the magma cools. 

2. Your Diamonds Are Probably Billions Of Years Old 

The oldest diamonds ever observed are expected to be over four billion years old. But the maximum are closer to 1 billion to 3.3 billion years old. Other historical materials are transported up the volcanic pipes that convey diamonds into miners’ attain: fossils, wood, and surface rock frequently circulate inner those pipes in the course of periods of the eruption. But prospectors don’t look for those items; as an alternative, they watch for indicator minerals such as garnets, olivine, and magnetite. 

3. Some Diamonds May Have Come From Outer Space 

One of the most interesting statistics about diamonds is that a few may additionally have formed in interstellar surroundings. Carbonado diamonds, frequently located in Africa and South America, are believed to have been deposited through an asteroid that impacted the earth about 3 billion years in the past. You possibly won’t find a carbonado diamond installed in an engagement ring: those stones are particular. However, they contain high levels of graphite and are pretty porous. 

4. Almost 80% Of All Diamonds Are Sold In New York City 

Many metropolitan cities are domestic to diamond markets. For example, most difficult diamonds make their manner to Antwerp, Belgium, aptly nicknamed the “diamond capital of the sector.” Once the entire production procedure has been completed, about eighty% of the arena’s diamonds make their way to NYC. There, they’re sold (and resold) at numerous venues along with auctions. 

5. A Diamond Can Be Fractured In One Blow 

While cutting is a complicated process, diamonds are brittle and, whilst positioned simply right, may be split with a single, well-positioned blow. Don’t fear about breaking the diamonds for your rings, though: It takes special understanding and analysis of the stone’s internal crystal shape to break up a diamond into smaller sections. Keep another one of those important statistics approximately diamonds in thoughts in case you’re ever worried about bumping your favorite jewelry: Diamonds aren’t simply the toughest of all materials. In essence, they’re surely 58 instances tougher than any other herbal fabric. 

6. More Than A Million Carats Of Diamond Are Mined Each Year 

Monds aren’t simply crucial to be used in rings: They’re also used in a whole lot of commercial and scientific equipment. For instance, a few surgical scalpels have diamond blades. Another one hundred ten,000 tons of synthetic diamonds are produced in laboratory environments every yr. 

7. There’s A Place Where You Can Dig Your Own Diamonds 

If you ever locate yourself in Arkansas, take into account heading for Murfreesboro. The town is domestic to Crater of Diamonds State Park, wherein it’s possible to search for your own diamond. Nicknamed “The World’s Only Keep What You Find Diamond Site,” it is also the eighth largest acknowledged diamond-bearing volcanic crater on this planet. A notable supply of white, brown, and yellow diamonds, the web page is also domestic to amethysts, garnets, and different important stones, making for a fascinating adventure. Even if you don’t dig up a diamond. In case you’re curious, quite a few large diamonds have been located here. 

The Value of Your Diamond Ring


The Value of Your Diamond Ring Is More Than You Think 

Your Diamond Engagement Ring Is A Financial Asset 

Your Diamond Ring

In its “Building a Financial Fresh Start” Study, Worthy located that 64% of divorced or divorcing women surveyed. Did now not think about their diamond engagement ring as a monetary asset. Yet as I described beneath, a financial asset you now not put on may be bought. And the proceeds used to repay credit card debt or invested to your destiny (or your toddler’s destiny). more info jewelry

Let’s play a bit of sport. Ask your self what you will do in each of these 4 situations: 

Your Diamond Ring – Situation #1: 

Your Diamond Ring

Your puppy wishes to hospital treatment. She wishes assessments and a highly-priced technique.If you had $2,000 sitting in your drawer, could you operate it to pay the veterinarian as opposed to adding debt for your credit card? 

Your Diamond Ring – Situation #2: 

You have $2,000 in credit card debt. The interest fee is 18% a year. You can’t afford to pay extra than the minimum monthly charge, which is $70 every month. Even in case you never put another buy on that card, it’s going to take you greater than three years to pay it off. You may have paid the credit card organization a whopping $631 in the hobby. If you had $2,000 sitting for your drawer, might you pay off the credit score card? 

Your Diamond Ring – Situation #3: 

You want to make certain that after your eight-year-vintage daughter subsequently attends university, she won’t have to spend her money on books. Over a 4-12 months length, a college pupil can count on to pay greater than $four,000 for books and materials. 

If you had $2,000 sitting to your drawer, would you open up a 529 university financial savings account to your daughter if there was a sturdy possibility that during 10 years the $2,000 might want to grow to $4,000? 

Your Diamond Ring – Situation #4: 

You have much less than $10,000 stored for retirement. If you had $2,000 sitting on your drawer, might you invest in a retirement account if there has been a strong possibility that in 30 years the $2,000 could grow to $sixteen,000? 

I even have information for you. If you are divorced, you may have $2,000 (or possibly even extra) sitting for your drawer or earrings container. It’s the most sparkling economic asset you personal and it’s now not being used to advantage you or your children. 

Your Diamond Ring – Some Worthy Advice 

Your Diamond Ring

I frequently provide an explanation for my girl clients that it is critical they start making an investment and slowly increase a retirement account so that they don’t outlive their savings. Generally, after accomplishing a certain age, a lady can withdraw money every month from a retirement account to pay for residing prices while other earnings aren’t available. 

For example, in case you were to generate a lump sum of $2,000 by way of selling your diamond ring with Worthy, that would become seed money for an individual retirement account (IRA). If you were capable of earning an extra income of $400 in line with month through an aspect gig and transfer the money every month into an IRA. After 25 years your retirement financial savings could be worth near $300,000 assuming a 6% annual rate of going back. 

12 earrings we couldn’t satisfy

Men’s wedding rings

Celebrity Engagement Rings



Trend: 12 earrings we couldn’t satisfy

12 Hoop EarringsHoop earrings are one of the hottest current trends, which is no secret, and they are only beginning to become famous when we enter 2020. When everything appears, so does the trend. Having said that, hoop earrings are definitely increasing again.

We have mentioned hoop earrings before, but because demand and popularity have grown so fast, we think this is not enough. This is why we are now taking the time to share with you the four different styles of hoop earrings we know you will like. Try the following four styles, each time refreshed, or choose a style that really suits you, and fully display your best self in the new year.

Earrings Trending – Diamonds

Putting on a diamond-studded hoop is the most elegant way to dress up-replace the classic OOTD hoop with a diamond hoop, which can be worn from day tonight. From large block diamonds to small pavé diamonds, there are many different star nail rings to choose from. You can also select a low-key, without losing the glitter, choose a pair of hoops containing only a bizarre diamond.

Earrings Trending – Twisted

Don’t get it, twisted-pun intended-we love, a classic pair of round hoops, but choosing some double wreaths can bring some newly discovered advantages and personality to your appearance. If you like the look of a diamond hoop, but don’t want to risk losing an ounce of sparks, twisting the hoop is great. The twisting effect places each diamond in the front and center, allowing you to shine brightly, as you know.

Earrings Trending – Classic Gold

12 Hoop Earrings

The biggest advantage of a pair of classic ordinary rolling irons is that they can really change your overall appearance when worn correctly. Want to get a stylish, professional atmosphere? Stick to some classic small iron rings. Guide the inner J.Lo to spend a night with the girls? Rock those big basketballs. Remember-the the larger the hoop, the more casual your look will be, so keep this in mind when designing your style. For large iron rings, thinner is always better. When you transition from professional to fashion at the end of the workweek, it’s nice to know this.

Earrings Trending – Unique

12 Hoop EarringsThis is the beginning of 2020, so the new year, right? Use one of our unique hoop earrings to take your usual entry style one step further. There are many ways to make a pair of hoops more unique, but here are just a few ideas that can provide you with some trend inspiration. If you have time to take the risk of fashion, it is definitely now! When everyone goes to the gym for the first time in months, vowing to read more information and reduce the use of social media, you can concentrate on standing out from other crowds.

The first hoop earrings in the picture are set with diamonds, but unlike the usual diamond hoop, diamonds are set in clusters of unusual shapes, giving them an exquisite sense of avant-garde. The second pair of earrings contains three pearls stacked on top of each other, providing a whimsical sweetness to a modern loop. Last but not least, the third pair is unique because they are equal parts of gold and corresponding parts of white gold. Swap them into two appearances!

Men’s wedding rings

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Men’s wedding rings – what width is right for you?

When choosing the perfect engagement ring, you may need to spend a lot of time researching, visiting the store, and, most importantly, a lot of careful consideration when finding the ring. However, when it comes to wedding rings, most people do not realize that you should choose the same TLC as your engagement ring, just like using an engagement ring!

Wedding rings are one of the only things that last a lifetime in the only life of a wedding, and they are worn every day. In addition, it may even be the only jewelry you always wear.

Most men don’t even realize all the different styles that wedding rings will appear, let alone the width of a few millimeters. Do not worry! We have compiled what you need to know about the different widths of men’s wedding rings and which width is best for your ring finger:

The average width of men’s wedding rings

Men's Wedding BandsIf you don’t know the width of the wedding ring at all, then the average and most popular size are between 6 mm and 8 mm, depending on the size of your fingers and hands.

When you first try on a wedding ring at a jewelry store, a good starting point is to try 6mm and adjust from there to a larger or smaller width.

Which width is right for me?

Men's Wedding BandsWhen you choose a wedding ring, you may be asked if you know how much width you want, or whether you want a narrow wedding ring or a wide wedding ring. But what does all this mean?

Narrow Wedding Bands

The term “narrowband” refers to a ring with a width of approximately 2 mm to 6 mm.

For the following people, it is recommended to use narrow wedding rings:

1.Have ring sizes under a 9

2.Have smaller hands

3. More slender fingers-you don’t want the ring to look too big

4.Have never worn a ring before

5.Want a wedding ring that is easier to get used to

Bands of 6 mm or thinner are also generally cheaper than wide bands because they are made from a small number of precious metals.

Wide Wedding Bands

“wideband” means a ring with a width of 7 mm or more.

The wide wedding ring is recommended to the following people:

1.Have a ring size over a 9

2.Are bigger or have a broad body type

3.Have a larger hands-they look more masculine on fingers than narrow bands

4.Are used to wearing rings

5.Hope their wedding rings really stand out

When considering wider frequency bands, it is important to remember that because they are made of large amounts of precious metals, they do tend to be more expensive. When considering using a wide wedding ring, you also need to make sure to talk to the jeweler about the ring size. Because your fingers shape naturally, you may need to order a larger ring than usual, because a wider band will usually be tighter on your fingers than a narrow ring.

Fit your width

Men's Wedding BandsFinally, there is no magic formula or rule that can be generalized to determine the width that should be selected for the wedding ring. Determining the specific width of the wedding ring depends entirely on your own personal preferences.

The only way you really need to know is to visit your local jeweler and try different bandwidths to see what you like. Remember, you wear this wedding ring every day, so make sure you are excited about your decision!

Celebrity Engagement Rings


Celebrity Engagement Rings

The concept of the engagement band began in ancient Egypt, when the (band) circle was used to symbolize an endless cycle, and the space in the cycle symbolized this cycle. These rings were also used in Roman times, but were not generally used in the Western world until the 13th century. The Romans gave the engagement ring, which included a small key. Romantics believe that the carved key is a symbolic key to protect and cherish the heart of her husband. Click here quickly

The engagement ring is placed on the ring finger of the left hand, because the ancient Greeks believed that the engagement ring contained a vein leading to the heart (amoris). The Romans believed that the ring was the master rather than a symbol of love. This means that the husband will ask his wife.

That’s a little history of engagement rings. Now we all know that not only are the signs of marriage or engagement, these engagement rings also mark the degree to which you will become a husband who loves you. Well, all of us want to remember one type of ring firmly, some are like classic diamond solitaires, some like to keep it traditional with gold rings, this is what some famous Bollywood stars are flashing engagement ring.

Engagement Rings – Shilpa Shetty:

Engagement RingsWhen Shilpa Shetty was engaged to Raj Kundra in 2009, he gave her one of the most gorgeous engagement rings in the Bollywood family. The diamond ring is believed to be 20 carats and is said to be worth Rs 3 crore.

Engagement Rings – Kareena Kapoor:

Saif Ali Khan presented an elegant rock-sized single solitaire to his beloved beg. Now, this is what we call the extra-large sign of love for queen queen. Karina, we are jealous!

Engagement Rings – Genelia D’Souza:

Engagement RingsGenelia D’Souza’s brilliant smile represented her flashy diamond ring. On the ring, diamonds seem to be the favorite among Bollywood stars.

Engagement Rings – Vidya Balan:

Vidya Balan’s engagement ring is completely different from her. From time to time, she shows off her gold ring decorated with rubies. We saw a nice change in the ocean of diamond rings.

This is about celebrities; please tell us what your wedding ring looks like or what you want it to be. No matter what ring you wear, the person who eventually gets married is the most important thing, not the ring.

But wait… the right people and coveted rings can make your life better (consider… blinking!)

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