7 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Diamonds 

About Diamonds If you’re interested in diamonds, you probably recognize that those high-quality stones are made up of compressed carbon. Also, you probably understand that they’re April’s birthstone. You may also realize that diamonds are the hardest of all materials and that most effective a diamond is difficult sufficient to reduce or scratch any other diamond. You may also know some cool facts approximately the Hope diamond – as an example. You’re in all likelihood well aware of its particular records and its “curse.” Ready to examine greater? Here are every other 10 statistics about diamonds. 

1. Most Diamonds Form More Than 100 Kilometers Below The Earth’s Surface 

About Diamonds

Bright, sparkling diamonds – excellent stones with the capability to disperse mild in the maximum awesome way imaginable – shape in whole darkness, deep underground. Almost all natural diamonds are fashioned at depths between a hundred and forty and one hundred ninety kilometers (that’s 87 to 118 miles) underground, within the planet’s lithospheric mantle layer. When magma from deep volcanic eruptions makes its manner towards the Earth’s floor, it sometimes consists of diamonds with it. These diamonds are hidden inner igneous rocks that shape when the magma cools. 

2. Your Diamonds Are Probably Billions Of Years Old 

The oldest diamonds ever observed are expected to be over four billion years old. But the maximum are closer to 1 billion to 3.3 billion years old. Other historical materials are transported up the volcanic pipes that convey diamonds into miners’ attain: fossils, wood, and surface rock frequently circulate inner those pipes in the course of periods of the eruption. But prospectors don’t look for those items; as an alternative, they watch for indicator minerals such as garnets, olivine, and magnetite. 

3. Some Diamonds May Have Come From Outer Space 

One of the most interesting statistics about diamonds is that a few may additionally have formed in interstellar surroundings. Carbonado diamonds, frequently located in Africa and South America, are believed to have been deposited through an asteroid that impacted the earth about 3 billion years in the past. You possibly won’t find a carbonado diamond installed in an engagement ring: those stones are particular. However, they contain high levels of graphite and are pretty porous. 

4. Almost 80% Of All Diamonds Are Sold In New York City 

Many metropolitan cities are domestic to diamond markets. For example, most difficult diamonds make their manner to Antwerp, Belgium, aptly nicknamed the “diamond capital of the sector.” Once the entire production procedure has been completed, about eighty% of the arena’s diamonds make their way to NYC. There, they’re sold (and resold) at numerous venues along with auctions. 

5. A Diamond Can Be Fractured In One Blow 

While cutting is a complicated process, diamonds are brittle and, whilst positioned simply right, may be split with a single, well-positioned blow. Don’t fear about breaking the diamonds for your rings, though: It takes special understanding and analysis of the stone’s internal crystal shape to break up a diamond into smaller sections. Keep another one of those important statistics approximately diamonds in thoughts in case you’re ever worried about bumping your favorite jewelry: Diamonds aren’t simply the toughest of all materials. In essence, they’re surely 58 instances tougher than any other herbal fabric. 

6. More Than A Million Carats Of Diamond Are Mined Each Year 

Monds aren’t simply crucial to be used in rings: They’re also used in a whole lot of commercial and scientific equipment. For instance, a few surgical scalpels have diamond blades. Another one hundred ten,000 tons of synthetic diamonds are produced in laboratory environments every yr. 

7. There’s A Place Where You Can Dig Your Own Diamonds 

If you ever locate yourself in Arkansas, take into account heading for Murfreesboro. The town is domestic to Crater of Diamonds State Park, wherein it’s possible to search for your own diamond. Nicknamed “The World’s Only Keep What You Find Diamond Site,” it is also the eighth largest acknowledged diamond-bearing volcanic crater on this planet. A notable supply of white, brown, and yellow diamonds, the web page is also domestic to amethysts, garnets, and different important stones, making for a fascinating adventure. Even if you don’t dig up a diamond. In case you’re curious, quite a few large diamonds have been located here. 

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