Choose the perfect earring for your face.

Choose the perfect earringHave you ever bought a pair of beautiful Perfect earrings impulsively, but did not wear them for the second time? Even once? Well, we won’t judge you because we are also charged with guilt! All of us did this because we made a serious mistake, that is, did not choose the right earrings according to our face shape. Believe it or not, when you want to pair perfect earrings with perfect earrings, the shape of your face will play an important role!

So here is your guide to picking the most flattering earrings, so you won’t repeat this mistake. Whether your face is round, oval, square, narrow, or heart-shaped-you will definitely find the right designer earrings here.

Perfect Round Face – Perfect Earrings

Choose the perfect earringWomen with round faces are suitable for medium thin or medium width long earrings. Such earrings make their faces look slimmer and angular. Stay away from large, thick earrings, buttons, or iron rings, because they only focus on the roundness of the face.

Oval Face – Perfect Earrings

Choose the perfect earringWomen with oval faces can wear almost any style of earrings. However, hoop earrings and oval shapes complement your natural face. Therefore, be bold to try the colors, shapes, and styles of various earrings.

Heart-Shaped Face – Perfect Earrings

To make your heart-shaped face more perfect, choose earrings with soft curves or teardrop-shaped earrings. They add a sense of balance to the natural triangles on your face. Do not choose inverted triangle earrings because it is not perfect and will completely lose the sense of balance.

Square Face – Perfect Earrings

Medium to trombone tassel earrings with sharp edges and exaggerated shapes, suitable for women with square faces. The sharp shape helps make your face look softer and blends perfectly with the natural angle of the face.

Narrow Or Oblong Face – Perfect Earrings

A narrow face needs to increase in size to show the X factor! For you, button earrings and short round earrings can bring you the perfect miracle.

Any Perfect Shape Earrings

As long as it is not exaggerated, traditional jhumkis can emphasize the beauty of any facial shape and fit well with the clothing. So now that you have fully understood the exact style of the earrings, you must choose to match your face cut, right?

Happy shopping!

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