Three internal secrets to help you keep your engagement ring radiant

How can you be sure that the engagement ring will not lose its luster? Fortunately, this is not difficult! Here are three simple ways to ensure that your diamond ring will never lose its sparkle and brilliance.

1) Don’t Touch The Diamonds

Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkly

You will be surprised how much the slightest film affects the brilliance and color of the stone. A thin film composed of lotion, powder, cosmetics, soap, hair spray, and all daily necessities will work overtime and darken the diamond’s brilliance. It is inherently inevitable, which is why it is so essential to clean the ring regularly. However, there are steps you can take to prevent/minimize greasy deposits and dull shiny stones.

Women often encounter stones on the ring when wearing and wearing the ring. Do your best not to do this. Instead, take the habit of wrapping your fingers (the handle of the ring) or with metal parts when you get into the grasp and close your ring. Doing this instead of touching the stone can prevent grease from accumulating on the stone is surface, thereby significantly reducing the brilliance and sparks of the stone.

2) Clean the ring at home (once a week)

Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkly

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to clean an engagement ring-in fact; you can easily clean it at home! You only need 10 minutes and some everyday household items: (1) water, (2) soapy water, (3) small bowl, (4) toothbrush (or eyebrow brush), and (5) paper towel or soft cloth.

How often should you clean? It depends on you, how important it is to you to keep your diamonds beautiful and brilliant. Generally, it would help if you tried to do it at least once a week. The good thing is cleaning your ring could not be any easier. Who doesn’t have ten minutes to buy their favorite accessories?

3) Professionally clean your ring

Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkly

To keep the diamond in its best condition, take the engagement ring to a local jeweler for steam cleaning, or if it’s not right, you can use ultrasonic and polishing equipment for deep cleaning. It will enhance not only the brilliance of your diamond but also an opportunity for maintenance inspections.

Just like we all need to go to the doctor regularly, and our car needs routine maintenance, your ring will benefit from professional inspections several times a year. Many jewelers can let you clean the ring at any time, and automatically perform maintenance checks before cleaning.

Brides often ignore this general engagement ring maintenance technique, but the professional cleaning once every six months can keep the diamond sparkling and prevent other damage!

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